The Five of Pentacles Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Dependence, Worry, Loss, Ill health, Anxiety, Spiritual, Ruin

CARD DEFINITION: You may suffer from loneliness and desolation. Poor health is predicted. Mind may be impoverished. There will be an emotional, mental or physical loss. There may be disputes with co workers. Financial stability is nil.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may be overindulgent. You may always be getting into fights. You are generally a bad influence on people. There may be some problem with your marriage. You may face long term unemployment.

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Interpreting The Five of Pentacles

As a collective, the set of lessons attached to the fives of the tarot deck's minor arcana can definitely be said to revolve around the dual concepts of questions and answers, problems and solutions. Just as the number four in tarot context is indubitably connected to stability and completion, the number five becomes tied to instability, humbling changes, and further travel along the grand road of life.

The Five of Pentacles addresses these themes in regards to the concepts of wealth, worldly prosperity and financial progress -- all elements connected to the human picture of success as defined by the element of earth. It tends to serve as not only an indicator of loss itself, but it also teaches important lessons that are largely about learning to deal with such losses and turn them into learning experiences that help us get to the place where we'd ultimately like to be.

It is important to note that as is the case with many of the cards of the tarot, the meanings attached to the Five of Pentacles tend to exist in layers. This is fitting as loss can come in many different varieties and via a number of different avenues. On one hand, this card definitely does indicate all types of material or financial difficulty, which might be expected of the five attached to such an earthly suit. However, spiritual or emotional losses are very definitely covered as well. The common thread connecting such a wide range of possible events is that whatever the nature of the loss, it was most likely the result of the type of situation we tend to bring upon ourselves - especially as the result of a lack of emotional control.

The traditional image attached to the Five of Pentacles illustrates these themes while simultaneously showing us how best to deal with them. In it, we see a poor couple clothed in rags sitting outside a church or chapel. The windows of the church feature five pentacles as part of their beautiful and intricate design. While on one hand, the image very definitely shows us the face of poverty and hardship, it is important not to lose sight of the deeper meaning that is also shown. While it is possible to loss earthly goods, money, and even one's health, the way through the ordeal comes about by realizing that the spirit is still intact. All things pass eventually. In the interim, they can be best dealt with by looking within for strength and fortitude.

When the Five of Pentacles makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it usually does indicate an imminent loss of some kind. It could be material, financial, or related to one's health… but it could also be an emotional or spiritual loss. The position of the card in the overall spread and the meanings attached to the surrounding cards will provide more details as to the exact situation at hand. Whatever the issue, this is not the kind of situation that can be improved by worrying or wringing one's hands. If taking a proactive stance would help, then the querent is advised to adopt one. He would also do well to trust in his intuition to give him the answer if it seems like there just isn't one. Whatever course of action he does decide to take, he must remember that this too shall pass and find strength in that realization.