The Four of Cups Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Apathy, Boredom, Re- evaluation, Hope, Day Dreaming, Self- Absorbed, Disillusioned

CARD DEFINITION: Your life may be stagnating and you may be bored with it. You may be bored and disillusioned. You may need something to stimulate you life and stop day dreaming about the past. Apathy makes you miss out on opportunities. Relationships may be unfulfilling.

REVERSE DEFINITION: Your vigor may be renewed. You are ready to face new challenges in life. New relationships are on the cards. Action is seen in you life.

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Interpreting The Four of Cups

As is the case with the other cards present in the suit of Cups, the Four of Cups deals with themes and matters relating to love and connection to others. However, it is also a card that comes with warnings to heed and lessons that need to be learned. While pleasure and happiness are indeed wonderful feelings, there is definitely truth in the sentiment that there can indeed be too much of any good thing.

When pleasure is enjoyed in excess, there is always the possibility that boredom and stagnation can result if one does not make sure to remember how lucky they are to have the blessings in the their life that they do - especially when it comes to the love and the support of others. Love needs appreciation and acknowledgement in order to remain and continue to bloom. Once it is taken for granted, it is only a matter of time before the loss of such love will begin. The Four of Cups urges us to remember the darkness, loneliness and want that can characterize so many lives. Otherwise, life will force us to remember these things by reminding us what it is like to be without support, happiness and acceptance in our lives.

The traditional image attached to the Four of Cups depicts a young man seated beneath a tree with three cups lined up neatly in front of him. As is the case with the cup images in previous cards from this suit, the cups here also represent blessings, possibilities and valuable connections. However, the young man in the image is no longer able to see the bounty these cups hold for what it is anymore. He is bored with his life and tired of his surroundings even though they are more than pleasant. However, a fourth cup is being represented by an elusive disembodied hand off to the side. Many tarot experts feel that this fourth cup represents the way the grass always seems greener on the other side. It serves as a reminder to the viewer of the dangers attached to giving in to the temptation to take blessings for granted and carelessly throw them away in search of others.

When the Four of Cups makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it should always be seen as a warning. It often appears in spreads relating to people who do not properly appreciate their blessings and have reached a point in their lives where they have come to take all that they have for granted… especially in regards to the people who love and support them most. The querent should be directed to take a long, hard look at his situation with a fresh eye, lest it be too late one day soon. Many people can become so obsessed with achieving that which is not yet theirs that they forget to appreciate all that they already have and enjoy.

The Four of Cups can also sometimes be seen as a warning against overindulgence of any kind - especially in such elements as drugs, alcohol, sex and so forth. Many people turn to such things for excitement and escape when they've become bored with their lives only to create bigger problems later on down the line. This card can also apply to a tendency some people have to fantasize about other people because their own relationship has grown boring and stagnant. However, the Four seeks to remind us that escape is never the answer in any situations. Instead, the querent should strive to appreciate what is working in his situation and work to productively change what isn't.