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What Is Included In This FREE Package?

Psychic Diagnostics

Use this software to test your psychic abilities! Includes a short guide to get the most out of the software.

Ultimate Tarot Trainer

This software helps beginners learn how to read tarot cards. Test your knowledge of the Rider-Waite cards or use the software to give yourself a tarot reading!

Astrology Tarot Reader Pro

This software combines the power of astrology and tarot to produce unique readings based on an individual's birthday! Also includes an astrology guide.

Deluxe Numerology Analysis

Use this software to produce comprehensive numerology readings for yourself or others!

How Can You Get The Entire Software Suite For FREE?

Simple. Sign up below for a TrialPay account and choose just one of their many free trial offers! You'll receive my psychic tarot software suite as a reward. The entire process only takes about 5 minutes. Click the button below to get started!