The Justice Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Balance, Justice, Fairness, Aspirations, Decision, Balance, Cause & Effect

CARD DEFINITION: You may get involved in legal issues. Seek sound advice from elders. You will be able to lead a harmonious and balanced life. You will be known as considerate and virtuous person. You will get sound judgments in all your issues.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may not get the right judgments but unjust decisions. There may be delays in issues and biased opinions. There may be a lot of legal problems to deal with. Do not trust people to support you but believe in yourself.

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Interpreting The Justice Card

The twelfth card of the tarot deck is that of Justice. However, this is not the justice we know from our human courtrooms, judges, and laws. This is the Justice of the universe at large and all the higher powers that be. The laws set forth by these powers dictate that even if life does not deliver what we want or what we believe we need, it always delivers exactly what we deserve.

Each person walking the face of the earth is subject to the laws of karma and eventually reaps what he sows, making it ever more important to sow good things and treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. By this doctrine, life in essence is always fair no matter what other schools of thought may lead you to believe. Justice can also be said to represent the basic law of cause and effect. For every action, there will be an equal and appropriate reaction sooner or later. The fruits of the choices a person makes today may not ripen tomorrow, a year from now, or even ten years from now, but rest assured that they will do so sooner or later. It is also important to note that according to the laws of Justice, all of a person's actions will not only have an effect ultimately speaking, but will also have an effect upon the originator of the action in one way or another.

The traditional tarot image attached to the Justice card shows us a robed, regal-looking figure seated between two pillars. This composition is, of course, reminiscent of other Major Arcana cards that touch on the concepts of divine knowledge, power, and law as well (such as the High Priestess). In one hand, the figure holds a scale to represent balance. In the other, there is a sword to represent the upholding of that balance. Behind the throne on which the figure sits is a curtain that is said to conceal the mysterious workings of the universe that will ultimately bring about the inevitable result of every action and decision we make. This image in its entirety reminds us not only of the way things work, but also of the inescapability of the system. No one is capable of pulling the wool over the eyes of the universe and will ultimately receive his or her just desserts.

When Justice makes an appearance in a tarot spread, the querent should take it as a reminder of the basic laws that it represents. The actions of the past and present will always bear fruit in the future… always - and they are about to do so at some point in the not so distant future. Whether the querent has been sowing good or bad will ultimately determine what results can be expected.

It should also be seen as a call to the querent to seek balance in his or her life in general. Adjustments of some sort are necessary. Perhaps a change in diet or routine is in order for the betterment of overall health. Perhaps the cards will point the way to an adjustment in a business partnership, friendship, or marriage. Anything is possible and the surrounding cards and positioning of Justice will help add detail to the overall picture.

Some also believe that when applied to more everyday matters, Justice can represent actual court cases, legal proceedings, contracts, agreements, and other things of this nature. While it is true that Justice never promises us what we want or even what we need, it does promise us that the outcome of the affair will be just and deserved. Of this at least the querent can rest assured.