The King of Cups Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Wisdom, Empathetic, Diplomatic, Sensitive, Mature, Honorable Feelings, Loyal

CARD DEFINITION: You are a business man to the core. You are a kind and considerate person. You do not run away from responsibility. You are a great leader. You are a skilled negotiator and seeker of power.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may be crafty and violent. Your dealings may not be very transparent. You have no sense of responsibility. You are dishonest and corrupt and do not mind leading others into the same trap.

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Interpreting The King of Cups

The King of Cups is the last of the four court cards in the Suit of Cups, as well as the last card in the suit overall. In the world of the tarot, kings represent aggressive concepts such as passion, motivation, leadership, and progress. Strongly connected to the masculine forces embodied by the Emperor of the major arcana, the kings of the minor arcana are the bringers of the forward motion that ultimately makes everything happen, bringing plans and dreams to full fruition at long last. As such, it is not unusual for them to indicate beginnings of all kinds.

The King of Cups embodies this within the themes that personify the Suit of Cups as a whole - love, intuition, creativity, and connection with others - themes which are somewhat at odds with the unstoppable energy of the King himself. As such, he can pose something of a contrary figure which would only be natural when you combine these opposing forces. When he makes an appearance, he almost always suggests a person, situation, or aspect of the self that is not necessarily what it seems to be at first glance.

As the representation of a person, the King of Cups typically stands for a man of wisdom or creativity. He could be an artist of some sort - a painter, poet, musician, or chef. He could alternatively be a member of the clergy, the curator of a museum, a professor, or simply an archetypical father figure. He is not only a man with plenty of wisdom of his own to share, but he is also a terrific listener, always treating the opinions and contributions of others with due respect. This is the type of person that others naturally flock to for support and guidance and rightly so. He is also highly confident and this confidence is a large part of what draws others to him and wins their respect.

Nevertheless, it is important that we don't overlook the dual nature inherent in this figure. Although the man represented by the King of Cups no doubt deserves the power and respect he has, he is often not without his ulterior motives. This is a man who may secretly enjoy the holding of power over others a bit too much, using it to push his own agenda when and where he can. At worst, this is someone who may have issues with selfishness, infidelity, or integrity when we look deeper and try to find the motives behind the pleasant fašade.

When appearing as a representative of the querent, the King of Cups is often a reminder to see to it that power, wisdom, or sway over others is not being misused in any way. As is the case with any card in the Suit of Cups, moderation is the key to perseverance. The querent is being asked to act, but to act with integrity and diplomacy. Tolerance may very well be the answer to the dilemma at hand, as opposed to force.

In the instance that the King of Cups is manifesting as the harbinger of an event as opposed to an individual or an aspect of the self, some distinct possibilities include various types of beginnings such as a new career path or ambitious new plans for one's future overall. Alternatively, the King may be signaling entrance into politics specifically or the assumption of a role of leadership as well.