The Knight of Cups Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Offer of Love, Kindness, Temperamental, Aggressive, Fanciful, Refined, Romantic

CARD DEFINITION: You are a romantic person at heart. You may be intensely passionate and temperamental. You are an intelligent person with a streak of aggressiveness.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may fall in others' traps. You may believe in flattery. You will not think twice before falling down to trickery or fraud. You may be a congenital liar.

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Interpreting The Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is the second court card in the sequence of the Suit of Cups. As was the case with the Page of Cups before him, he is strongly tied to a specific phase or aspect of the life cycle. However, while the Page represented childhood and all things connected to it within the context of the Suit of Cups as a whole, the Knight represents adolescence. As such, he also strongly embodies the boundless energy and wide variety of changes that are associated with this phase of life.

Knights in general are also strongly connected to both travel and messages of all kinds. The Knight of Cups fits this description within the context of love, relationships, and the realms of emotion and creativity. When he makes an appearance in a tarot spread, he is often doing so in order to bring the querent news of something connected to one or all of these concepts. This news could manifest in the form of a marriage proposal or a declaration of love if romantic relationships are the subject of focus. Alternatively, the Knight's appearance could be referring to an important message that may be presented via a dream, a premonition, or some other form of intuition.

However, it is important to note that warnings are also a kind of message and that the Knight of Cups could also come bearing one of those depending on the circumstances involved. One can be sure that these too will be connected the realms of love, emotion, or intuition in some way. If a relationship is specified, perhaps one partner is letting his or her ideal image of their partner run away with them. While dreaming is fine and even healthy, it is important not to let them run away with you and prevent you from facing reality. In certain contexts, the Knight of Cups can also suggest travel - especially travel by boat or overseas, as the Suit of Cups is strongly tied to the element of water.

As is the case with all court cards, the Knight of Cups can also show up representing a person or individual. This person is often a male who is known for his energy, his imaginative ideas, his creativity, or his tendency to be a through-and-through romantic at his core. Although he may appear calm, collected, and even a little spacey on the outside, this is a passionate person who cannot imagine life or the world without art and without love. He is capable of getting things done just as efficiently as anyone else. He is simply more intuitive in the way he does it, letting his heart show him the way as opposed to his head.

When the Knight of Cups appears representing the querent, he appears again as a messenger. On one hand, he is encouraging the querent to follow his or her dreams or listen more closely to that little voice inside. However, he is simultaneously reminding said querent of the importance of balance. While it can be limiting and restrictive to find one's way through life solely using realism and sense, one mustn't allow a brightly shining dream to become an obsession to the point where it takes over completely either. Moderation is the key here… in dreaming, in love, and in getting in touch with one's intuition and learning to listen to the messages it is constantly relaying.