The Knight of Pentacles Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Stable, Thorough, Efficient, Potential, Reliable, Confident, Cautious

CARD DEFINITION: You love nature and animals. Your outlook may be dull but you have a lot of patience. You are trustworthy and take on responsibilities. You are very reliable, practical and a very hard worker. You may travel for business. Set you goals and achieve them.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may be very greed and suppressing in nature. You may also feel self satisfied with your deeds. Financial stability may be missing. This may be due to your carelessness, impatience and irresponsibility. You may be intolerant and narrow minded.

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Interpreting The Knight of Pentacles

With strong ties to the light, flowing element of air, the knights of the tarot's minor arcana are figures that never keep still and are in constant motion of one type or another. If the pages of the four suits can be likened to the early childhood stages of life, then the knights find their parallels within the energetic realm of adolescence. If pages are about the deliverance of messages, then knights are about travel, motion, and enterprise. Knights also bear strong associations with various types of thoughts and ideas.

The Knight of Pentacles is thought of by many tarot experts as the least restless of the knights, but he still very much embodies the elements of motion, ideas, and enthusiasm. In his case, he does so as related to the Suit of Pentacles' focus on wealth, industry, and material security. The Knight of Pentacles is never at a loss for ideas. However, the visions he generates are far from being whimsical flights of fantasy that have little chance of succeeding. They are sensible, responsible ideas that are certain to get the knight exactly where he wants to be. The Knight of Pentacles also serves to remind us of the importance of dedication, integrity, and responsibility - all key components of the basic stuff a successful man is made of.

The traditional tarot image associated with this card shows us a knight astride his horse, pentacle in hand. Knights are usually shown on horseback to personify the sense of motion and flow they are so strongly associated with. However, the horse the Knight of Pentacles rides is sturdier and heavier than average - an animal that is more than capable of going the distance and working as hard as necessary to get the job done. This is meant to reflect the themes of industriousness, dedication, and simple integrity that the card on the whole stands for.

When the Knight of Pentacles makes an appearance in a typical tarot spread as the harbinger of an event or situation, he most often represents an approaching period during which the querent will be asked to assume responsibility of a specific situation. He may be called upon to oversee an important project at work or be assigned a special business task that will require his all. Depending on the way the card is positioned in the spread and in relation to the other cards, he may even be asked to backtrack and revisit an older challenge to take a second crack at it. Whatever the case may be, the querent must be made aware that he must approach the situation without complaint and he must readily accept the responsibility that is being handed to him with the intention if working as hard as necessary to succeed. This will be a test not only of strength, but of character. If passed accordingly, there could be great rewards in store for the future.

Alternatively, the Knight of Pentacles can appear in representation of an actual person or even as an aspect of the querent's own self. When this is the case, the person in question is likely to be someone who possesses the many admirable qualities associated with this card. This is a hard worker who takes pleasure in being busy and productive. When he makes a promise, he moves heaven and earth to make sure he's able to keep it. If the Knight of Pentacles can be said to have a weakness at all, it may be that he is a bit too grounded at times, which can close his mind to the benefits of newer ideas. He can definitely be a touch old-fashioned and can sometimes also have trouble understanding people who fit the dreamer profile or are guided primarily by imagination and intuition.