The Nine of Cups Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Comfort, Compromise, Happiness, Fulfillment, Goals Achieved, Satisfaction, Sensual Pleasure

CARD DEFINITION: This is a time for emotional satisfaction and contentment and physical well being. You may have overcome problems and are satisfied about it. You may be in for a great fortune and happiness. Success is on the cards.

REVERSE DEFINITION: Your mistakes may cost you your success. The results may not be up to your expectation. Your self indulgence may lead to shortage of money. There are signs of some illness too.

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Interpreting The Nine of Cups

Nine has been considered a number of completion for thousands of years and this is no less so when it comes to the tarot's minor arcana. A nine signals the end of one leg of a journey, the reestablishment of balance, or the culmination of something that has been in the works for quite some time. When it comes to the Nine of Cups, we're looking at the achievement of these rewards in the contexts of love, sensuality, and emotional fulfillment.

This is a card that is considered to be one of the most beneficial and positive of any in the minor arcana. In fact, it is often referred to as the Wish Card, as it very often signifies the manifestations of one's sweetest and deepest desires. Joy, happiness, fulfillment, and ideal love are all well within one's grasp when the Nine of Cups is at hand. All the person in question must do is reach out and claim it for his own. After all, he has worked hard for it and traveled far in order to find it. It is his just reward for all he has done, learned, and achieved. The present is beautiful and the abundance of the future is also very much assured for quite some time to come.

The Nine of Cups is also strongly associated with material and physical pleasure as well. The very pink of health is often tied to this card, as are the many pleasures associated with food, drink, love, and sex. However, it is important to note that everything must be taken in moderation. A place has been reached where much celebration and indulgence is no doubt called for, but overindulgence must be avoided at all costs, as it has consequences of its own.

The image we find associated with the Nine of Cups shows us a richly dressed figure seated before nine chalices neatly arranged in a row. Many tarot experts feel that the richness of his dress suggests the enjoyment of celebration and abundance in the present. The golden chalices hint that there is a similar level of abundance and joy ahead in the future, not only for the person in question, but for all whom he loves as well. This is a card that is all about sensual delights and creature comforts, although such pleasures can certainly also fuel spiritual comfort as well. It speaks of security, comfort, contentment, and a situation where there is always more than enough of whatever a person needs and desires in order to be comfortable.

When the Nine of Cups makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it can be seen as a sure sign that whatever the querent has been working toward, he will soon enjoy the spectacular realization of it. His greatest wish is about to come true, whether it is financial security, better health, the achievement of loving balance within a relationship, or creative inspiration. The Nine also serves to let the querent know that he has reached a period that would be best spent enjoying the fruits of his labor. This is the time to eat, drink, and be merry in the company of those he holds dear in honor of all the hard work he has done.