The Nine of Pentacles Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Abundance, Culmination, Financial Gain, Gratitude, Refined, Wisdom, Good Luck

CARD DEFINITION: You may be financially comfortable. This is all due to hard work and independence. You enjoy a harmonious atmosphere. You may have financial gains from unexpected sources. You may be popular in your social circle.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may have become rich by fooling people. You may have gained your fortune from other's misfortune. You may make promises to people but not keep them. You will lose you friends because of your spiteful nature. You may be corrupt and will not gain stability.

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Interpreting The Nine of Pentacles

Within the context of the minor arcana of the tarot deck, the number nine takes on its own significance - a significance that is inevitably tied to the concept of completion. It signifies the ending of one phase, as well as the period of respite and reflection before the commencement of the next one. The Nine of Pentacles addresses these concepts as they relate to the element of earth, material concerns, professional advancement, and worldly goods of all kinds - including acquired knowledge and spiritual enlightenment as achieved through hard work.

The Nine of Pentacles represents without a doubt the attainment of a certain level of perfection. It is a perfection that has been obtained honestly through industry and diligence. It also indicates achievements of an intellectual or spiritual nature, as well as a material or financial one. This card also serves to remind us that tangible and non-tangible riches are tied together in more ways than we may realize at first. In working hard for financial security, we also accumulate wisdom, emotional satisfaction, and spiritual fortitude. We can then take those non-tangibles and apply them to the achievement of further earthly accomplishments. Thus the cycle repeats and continues throughout our life cycle. The Nine of Pentacles hints at a level of advancement that includes great material success, as well as the proper wisdom necessary to ensure that that success is not wasted.

In the image attached to the traditional tarot image of the Nine of Pentacles, a female figure is the focal point. She is richly dressed and captured in the act of enjoying some time in a beautiful garden representative of the high degree of peace, enlightenment, and security she has achieved through the labor and industry indicated by many of the previous cards in this suit. A peaceful expression graces her face as she gazes at a bird perched upon her hand. This is a woman who is truly happy where she is, at one with herself and with the lovely world around her. Positioned at her feet and beneath her other hand are nine pentacles, symbolizing not only the great wealth she has amassed, but the perfection and balance tied to that wealth through the significance of the number nine.

When the Nine of Pentacles makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it is most often an indication that the querent has at long last reached a level of professional, spiritual or material accomplishment that he has been working toward for a long time. It also speaks of the importance of finding and maintaining a perfect balance between the worldly and the spiritual, as well as between industry and the enjoyment of the fruits of said industry. It is also important to note that isn't enough to simply accomplish. Accomplishment alone is worth nothing if new wisdom is not part of the mix. Furthermore, this is the time to stop, look around and assess where you are. Chances are the fruits of your labor are richer and more numerous than you realize.

The Nine of Pentacles can also sometimes point to specific events or life elements depending on its position in the spread and the meanings of the surrounding cards. One possibility is luxury - perhaps a well-earned weekend away or a retreat to a spa or other location where you'll have an opportunity to be treated like the king or queen you are. However, this card can honestly represent anything that the querent has been working toward and wanting for a very long time.