The Page of Pentacles Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Practical, Prosperous, Entitlement, Good News, Trustworthy, Make a Difference, Assistance

CARD DEFINITION: You may be eager to learn the tricks of the trade. You do not differentiate between work and play. All distractions are put aside when goals have to be achieved. You have a high level of concentration and enthusiasm. You are a generous, kind and loving person.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may have no sense of humor and love exploiting people under you. You think you are the only important person in the world. Monetary difficulties are seen. You may be a rebel and waste money.

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Interpreting The Page of Pentacles

The page cards of the tarot's minor arcana are cards that are closely associated with youth or newness. Sometimes they herald new or innovative ideas and new beginnings. When representing an individual, as tarot court cards can often do, they can stand for children themselves and even for adults who are young at heart or filled with youthful vigor for their age. Nevertheless, it is important to note that pages also often represent responsibility thanks to their close ties to the element of earth, so the youth that is spoken of is not of the frivolous variety that many tend to associate with it.

When we take a look at the Page of Pentacles we find ourselves contemplating what many tarot experts feel is the page card most closely tied to the idea of responsibility. We are also looking at how the youthful dedication associated with pages ties in to the concepts of earthly wealth and hard work that characterize the entire Suit of Pentacles. This is a card that speaks of the merits of being industrious and knowing how to manage money well, but of having these qualities early on in life - a rare and inspiring thing indeed. The Page of Pentacles is also strongly associated with new beginnings and fresh starts as they relate to work or finances.

The traditional tarot image that we most often see attached to the Page of Pentacles shows us a youthful figure holding a gleaming, golden pentacle in his hands. He gazes at it, giving it all his attention. As money and business are considered adult concerns, many tarot readers feel this shows the page's forward-thinking, mature nature despite his obvious age. Others consider his thoughtful, contemplative stance and expression to also be indicative of his profound ability to reflect and reason.

All court cards can appear either in representation of a person (including the querent himself) or of an event. As always, the position of the card in the spread as a whole combined with its relationship to the cards around it shed more light on which is the case. When indicating an event, the Page of Pentacles usually represents a career matter or a situation that is related to finances or money in some way. This event is also more than a little likely to mark a new beginning of one kind or another. Common examples include a new job, a promotion, a business opportunity or good financial news that is bound to make a world of difference for the querent. It can also mean a period of great potential is beginning for the querent and that he should prepare himself to make the most of it. The ability to make terrific things happen is in his hands now.

When representing a person, the Page of Pentacles can represent a child in certain spreads, but it is far more likely to indicate a young person who is unusually responsible, hard-working, or mature for his or her age. This is someone who knows how important it is to keep one's nose to the grindstone. This person is also a natural manager - not only good with people, but a natural when it comes to inspiring others to be and do their best from a business standpoint. Though people represented by the Page of Pentacles are indeed serious and mature for their age, it is extremely important to remember that the advantages youth can lend to business dealings or management -openness to new ideas and an eye for opportunity, for example - are still very much a part of their make-up.