The Queen of Cups Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Mature Woman, Feminine Wisdom, Spiritual, Loving, Intuitive, Emotional Security, Psychic

CARD DEFINITION: You are a loving and tender person. Your maturity level is high. You may also be a psychic and intuitive. You are full of compassion and represent a happy marriage.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You are not a person to be trusted. You are a dreamer and unreliable. Morality means nothing to you. You may also suffer from superiority complex. You may be responsible for the destruction of others.

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Interpreting The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is the third court card in the sequence of the Suit of Cups. All of the queens of the tarot have strong connections to the forces of creativity and intuition and as such, they are very closely tied to the immense generative power associated with the figures of the Empress and the High Priestess. As the matriarch of the Suit of Cups which revolves specifically around creativity and emotion, the Queen of Cups embodies this phenomenon to a much greater degree than her sisters.

In fact, the Queen of Cups is said to represent the subconscious, dreams, and all intuitive properties in their purest forms. Seated upon her throne, lidded cup in hand, she is the very embodiment of mystery and secrets waiting to be discovered. However, because her cup is indeed closed, her secrets are still waiting to be revealed. Even she herself does not necessarily know the true depths of her own potential. Nevertheless, she often possesses the ability to act as a cosmic mirror, reflecting all of the potential of others back to them and making it known at long last.

When she makes an appearance in a tarot spread, she almost always represents a person and rarely ever an event. The person she indicates would be a woman who is incredibly intuitive or creative. She could very well be an artist, a poet, a psychic, or even a mother figure. This is someone who possesses a profound ability to see into the very souls of others. She possesses a special air about her that draws others to her on a universal level. Her allure is so much more than outward beauty, although she may very well be beautiful.

She is someone who shines from within and sometimes seems to be not quite of this world. However, she is also very likely someone who is so connected to art and intuition that she sometimes has trouble functioning properly in the real world. As such, the Queen of Cups is also likely to be someone who relies on her relationships with others to find the grounding and stability she can't quite seem to find within herself.

When she appears as a manifestation of the querent within the tarot spread, she almost always brings with her sound advice to be heeded. Depending on the surrounding cards and her exact positioning within the spread, she may be urging the querent to look to their intuition or their dreams for direction when it comes to whatever the issue at hand may be. Her presence suggests that there is a very powerful cache of spiritual energy present and available to draw from at this time and that all the querent need do to tap into it is trust. Alternatively, she may be reminding the querent of the importance of caution when it comes to said intuition. While forward motion can't be achieved without a dream to build upon, it is of the utmost importance that dreams are kept in check and not allowed to grow out of control.

The Queen of Cups rarely appears in representation of an event the way the other court cards in the suit do, but when she does the possibilities include the growth of a family, the presence of psychic powers, or the blossoming of a great romance.