The Queen of Pentacles Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Mature, Material Security, Practical, Reliable, Resourceful, Good Hearted, Trustworthy

CARD DEFINITION: This card represents the procreative, nurturing and protective nature of motherhood. You may be an intelligent person who uses his talents to the most. You are a thoughtful and creative person. You appreciate the simple things in life.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You are very materialistic in nature. You may be suspicious and narrow-minded too and believe in a lot of showoff. You do not trust people even though you depend on them. You are obsessed with money.

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Interpreting The Queen of Pentacles

The queen cards of the tarot's minor arcana are notable for their strong ties to the Empress card of the major arcana, as well as to the strength, fertility, and femininity she represents. They are also strongly associated with the element of water and concept of creativity in all its many forms. All four of the queen cards are largely about growth and development, as well as transitional periods during which people or situations may be in the process of going from one phase to the next.

The Queen of Pentacles approaches these subjects as they relate to the earth-oriented Suit of Pentacles and its overall themes of finance, earthly goods, business, and hard work of all kinds. However, it's important to note that hard work doesn't always have to be associated with employment outside the home, In fact, when it comes to the Queen of Pentacles, it typically isn't. She is the hard-working homemaker and dedicated mother who may not get much thanks for what she does, but dedicates herself fully to it all the same. Alternatively, she may own a small business that she runs from out of her home or she may be an avid gardener - someone with a very close relationship to Mother Earth.

The traditional tarot image attached to the Queen of Pentacles illustrates these principles perfectly. In it, we see the queen herself seated upon a throne of stone in the midst of a fruitful garden, the trademark pentacle of the suit positioned in her lap. She is richly clothed to represent her great bounty and prosperity. Her stance and expression are contemplative, her gaze fixed upon the pentacle in her lap. She is a contemplative serene person that is capable of seeing the many sides attached to all that the pentacle stands for - abundance, success, dedication, and integrity.

When the Queen of Pentacles appears in a tarot spread in representation of an event or a situation, she is typically the harbinger of some type of new beginning. This new beginning could be related to the home - the beginning of a family or the purchase of a new home one can truly call one's own, to name just two examples. However, it could also very definitely be related to a work situation. It could mean the birth of a new business, especially a home business or a business associated with gardening, food, or working with the earth. It could also indicate the implementation of a healthier diet and exercise regimen.

However, the Queen of Pentacles is the type of card that appears far more often in representation of an actual person. This person embodies all of the qualities that this card stands for. The chances are excellent that she is either an actual mother or a nurturing figure that may act as a mother or a caregiver to others under her care. She is intuitive and loving, kind and selfless. Like all the people represented by cards of the Suit of Pentacles, she is also ambitious, but her ambitions are far more likely to be related to the home front and her loved ones. She is well off, either in a literal sense with plenty of money at her disposal or figuratively in riches of the heart and hearth. If she can be said to have a weakness at all, then it is most likely to be an over-concern with the drive to create security and safety for those that she loves.

When the Queen of Pentacles appears in representation of the querent, she can be certain that she's entering a time in her life during which generosity and integrity will become large priorities for her, especially when it comes to her loved ones. She may also be offered an opportunity to obtain great insight very soon.