The Seven of Pentacles Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Profit / Loss, Vision, Perseverance, Evaluation, Frustration, Risk, Incomplete Work

CARD DEFINITION: You have to put in a lot of work to gain recognition. Development won't be very quick. You need to reevaluate your moves. You need to concentrate on one task at a time. There is just a temporary pause in work before completion. Charitable work is not recognized.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may be responsible for your own financial insecurity. You may expect stiff competition and sudden setbacks. You may make dead investments. You may not be clear in your mind about the path to be taken. You need to keep your patience.

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Interpreting The Seven of Pentacles

As is the case with all of the numbers attached to the minor arcana of the tarot, the number seven carries with it a connection to a variety of concepts. To begin with, seven is strongly connected to five, in that five deals with the idea of loss or crossroads while seven often addresses the dilemma of what to do about it. Seven also deals with the idea of control - especially the loss of control that is desired - as well as the importance of patience when it comes to gaining said control. As with anything, mastery over chaos is something that must be built through hard work and introspection.

The Seven of Pentacles in particular addresses these concepts within the context of earth and worldly possessions that permeates the entire suit. It speaks of a situation that is not only strongly tied to one's material or professional situation, but of a decision that must be made in regards to that. In every journey to the top of one's profession and to financial security, we come to many such crossroads.

The decision attached to this card is a simple one, but monumental and difficult to face. When it comes to money or material security, there is always a certain element of risk to consider. On the one hand, taking risks was what brought us the security and wealth we now enjoy in the first place. Taking another could very well result in even greater rewards. However, one could always lose everything already gained on a less than solid venture or a bad investment. Part of the difficulty involved in such a decision as it relates to money is that both options make sense, either could be the better decision, and there is no clear consensus to follow as to which direction is smarter more of the time. The Seven of Pentacles also deals largely with having the patience to sit and think things through before proceeding instead of being hasty. In patience lies the key to a decision that is sound and likely to take us to where we want to be.

The visual image attached to the Seven of Pentacles is the perfect embodiment of the stasis and contemplation involved in such a situation. In it, we see an industrious farmer who has stopped laboring for the moment to contemplate a tree he has planted. The tree has been carefully tended and has become strong and healthy as a result of the farmer's hard work and attention to detail, bearing seven shiny pentacles as fruit. Most tarot experts agree that the farmer is waiting patiently for the fruit to finish ripening so that he can harvest his just reward. He could probably harvest the fruit now, but perhaps he'd do better to wait and see if a higher stage of perfection can be reached.

When the Seven of Pentacles makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it is often a signal to the querent that he's reached a period of much needed respite and reflection after a long period of hard, dedicated work. This is a time to look back and ponder on where you've been to best determine where you should go next. In most cases, the Seven of Pentacles indicates a certain "rightness" in regards to the path the querent is already on, so if a risk is being considered, it is important that all the options be fully weighed before proceeding. The key to making the right decision lies in taking one's time at this juncture and making sure the next step is the result of careful contemplation and not greed, impatience, or hastiness.