The Star Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Success, Hope, Optimism, Health, Aspirations, Faith, Spirituality

CARD DEFINITION: This is a very positive card and signifies hope, inspiration, balance and harmony. You are highly optimistic and have a good chance of making up in long standing situations. Your will be confident in your actions and have a very positive influence over others.

REVERSE DEFINITION: Your dreams may not be fulfilled. Your hopes may be crushed leaving you depressed and frustrated. You may be rigid and stubborn and not ready to adapt to new changes in life. There may be some bad luck and a lot of obstacles to face. This may lead to self doubt and lack of trust.

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Interpreting The Star

The Star is the eighteenth card in the sequence of the tarot deck. If the Tower that came before it represents the sweeping away of outmoded beliefs and misguided paths, then the Star represents the faith, hope, and divinity that will ultimately lead you to your true and proper path at long last. However, it is extremely important to note that although these two powers may seem very different at first glance, they both emanate from the same place - the higher power from which everything sprung at one point in the time line or another. Both powers also serve the same purpose - to help promote truth, progress, and enlightenment.

The lesson the Star teaches us ties into the undeniable importance of faith of all kinds - faith in one's self, faith in the powers that be, and faith in the knowledge that everything has a purpose that serves the greater good. When unproductive relationships, lifestyles, and beliefs are swept away at long last, they leave a void all the same and faith is the perfect way to fill that void. It helps us to plant the seeds that will eventually grow into the foundations of tomorrow. The first step in manifesting our greatest wishes, dreams, and desires lies in believing they can be brought into reality in the first place. Where there is true belief and determination, tangible success is never far behind.

The traditional tarot image attached to the Star features a nude female figure as a focal point. She kneels before a pool of water with her left knee on the earth and her right foot situated upon the surface of the water itself. In either hand, she holds two clay vessels from which the waters of life pour - one upon the land and one into the water symbolizing the penetration of the divinity of the spirit into all. Behind the figure stretches a beautiful, sprawling landscape including a tree in which birds are alighting. This image as a whole is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful and comforting in the entire tarot deck and symbolizes the twin concepts of eternal youth and beauty.

When the Star makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it never represents anything negative. It always symbolizes hope, regeneration, and faith - especially following a time of turmoil or difficulty in the life of the querent. It is a harbinger of healing to come and the promise of better days and happier times ahead. Depending on the surrounding cards and the actual positioning of the Star within the entire spread, the appearance of this card can also signify the appearance of help or assistance of some kind or an event that will result in increased clarity of vision.

However, the querent should also note that whatever event, occurrence, or revelation the Star is predicting, it is only the next step toward the new future that is desired and sought after. It does not foretell concrete solutions or immediate benefits. Instead, it predicts the coming of the tools the querent will need to continue on in pursuit of their own happiness under their own power. God helps those that help themselves… and so does the Star. Ultimately it will still be the querent's own hard work, determination, and faith that will bring them success in the end.