The Sun Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Confidence, Illumination, Optimism, Attainment, Fun, Energy Renewal, Greatness

CARD DEFINITION: You are enthusiastic and passionate about your work. Your hard work is ready to reap good results. Be open to criticism. You are happy and satisfied with your accomplishment. You may receive a lot of rewards and acclaims.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may be very unhappy and lonely. Life may seem to have come to a stand still. Relationships may be going through a tough time. Failures may happen, leaving you depressed.

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Interpreting The Sun

The Sun is the twentieth card in the sequence of the tarot deck's Major Arcana. It is one of the most beloved cards in the entire sequence, as it is one which never has negative meaning. Like the actual sun itself, this card is a symbol of prosperity, life, renewal, and positivity. No matter how dark and difficult the night before may have been, the sun is always guaranteed to rise in the morning. This sequence, of course, applies to life itself as well. Every tragedy and period of sadness will eventually give way to a new beginning full of light and happiness if one is only patient and steadfast.

The Sun opens the door to a whole new world where our surroundings are no longer shrouded in shadow. Everything is brightly lit, warm, and fruitful at long last. The Sun also marks the closing of a circle and the completion of a long, arduous journey. This is the time when we reap the rewards of our faith, our hard work, and our dedication to self-discovery. In the light of the Sun, we now exist on a higher plane where everything is within our grasp and all is within our control to the greatest extent possible. The Sun also seeks to remind us that no matter how chaotic life may seem at time, there is nevertheless an underlying order to it all that cannot be put asunder by any force. Once this lesson is truly learned, fear and uncertainty are no longer the problems that they may once have been. We finally come to understand that behind every cloud, the sun is still there just waiting for its chance to shine again.

Most traditional tarot images of the Sun depict a nude child astride a white horse in the foreground and bearing a red banner in hand. The child and the horse together symbolize innocence, purity, creativity, and progress while the red banner the child holds symbolizes life itself, as well as passion. The sun is high in the sky shining its benevolent light down on the entire scene. The image as a whole shows us how at the end of a long journey in search of wisdom, self, and enlightenment, we emerge anew as if we have just been born - ready at long last to step into our new futures without the shackles of uncertainty and doubt that once held us in stagnancy.

When the Sun makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it can be the harbinger of any one of a variety of circumstances. It can symbolize the birth of a child, material gain, career success, a simple period of great peace and fulfillment, or nearly anything else that can be seen as the successful completion of a journey or process. One cycle has just been completed and the querent can be certain he is due to enjoy the warm glow of success and happiness for a while before the next cycle is set to begin. He should feel no guilt whatsoever in doing so either. He's paid his dues and has earned the wonders that are coming to him. He absolutely should take the time to enjoy them to the fullest.

The Sun can also denote the clearing away of mental cobwebs and the shining of an illuminating light into those dark corners at long last. Sunlight brings with it clarity, understanding, and positivity, so all the querent need do is embrace it willingly and let it work its magic. If he has been feeling hopeless or uncertain in any way, he can rest assured that that state of mind will be over and done with very, very soon. Surrounding cards and exact positioning can help provide further clues as to possible specifics as well.