The Ten of Cups Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Success, Idealism, Completion, Achievements, Contentment, Marriage, Attainment

CARD DEFINITION: This is the time for happiness. Relationships will be fruitful. There will be domestic bliss. You will be emotionally balanced. Success and rewards will be seen soon. A harmonious and secure environment will be experienced.

REVERSE DEFINITION: There may be problems on the domestic front. Friends may be lost. Some minor unhappiness will be seen. Social standing may fall. Children may fight with their parents.

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Interpreting The Ten of Cups

Like the nines that precede them, the tens in each of the suits of the tarot's minor arcana are associated with the concept of completion. However, while the Nine of Cups dealt with creature comforts, emotional satisfaction, and completion on a physical, corporeal plane, the Ten of Cups speaks of completion on a more spiritual, transcendental level. The Ten also marks the completion of the emotional cycle illustrated by the Cups as a collective, paving the way for the next cycle to begin in earnest.

When it comes to love, emotional fulfillment, and meaningful connection with others, it could probably be said that most human beings dream of the same things. A loving romantic relationship that is characterized by give and take is one of them. A harmonious family life and a comfortable home is another. The Ten of Cups not only speaks of these possibilities among others, but also of the overall feelings of serenity, peace, and security that we all hope to achieve at one point or another in our lives. It is also important to note that the variety of peace the Ten promises is not a transitory peace. Instead, it is one that is eternal and everlasting - the just reward due a person who has successfully passed all the tests the universe at large has presented to him.

The image attached to the Ten of Cups is symbolic of just such a peace. In it, we see a happy couple united by the bonds of true, everlasting love. They not only have each other, but all that they wish for in life as well, represented by the two children frolicking at their side and the small, but comfortable home in the distance. Over their heads is a rainbow that contains within its glory ten golden chalices. The rainbow itself is an especially important symbol, as it is considered to be a highly spiritual omen in many of the world's religions. It is a sign that the idyllic scene we see represented has been blessed from above and reinforces the idea that the achievement of perfect love is one sure way of experiencing the glory of the heavens here on earth.

When the Ten of Cups makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it always speaks of trials finished, journeys completed, and a bright future that is just waiting to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest. Not only has material success been attained and assured, but the even greater reward of spiritual fulfillment has also been achieved. This is a lasting success that will not fade so long as it is properly appreciated and maintained. The Ten signifies a time to stop looking for trouble and expecting problems. Energy should be spent now enjoying what has been earned, because the querent is being told that he is now very rich indeed.

However, it is important to remember the caution that also comes attached to the Ten of Cups. The querent must be careful not to squander these joys and blessings, nor should he allow himself to take them for granted in any way, shape, or form. Love and beauty are just like any flowers. They must be tended and nurtured consistently and completely in order to continue to be what they are. Otherwise, stagnation, strife, and loss could result all over again. It is up to the querent and the querent alone to make sure that this never happens.