The Ten of Pentacles Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Inheritance, Wealth, Security, Affluence, Potential, Completion, Permanence

CARD DEFINITION: You will have a stable family life. You may come into good fortune or may acquire property. This card signifies financial and emotional stability. You will be affluent and rich. There may be a family reunion.

REVERSE DEFINITION: Too much of family traditions may be restrictive; fights may lead to wealth being lost. Mentally you may be dull and sloppy. You may have to live on a tight budget. Money may be lost in gambling or bad deals. Theft may occur.

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Interpreting The Ten of Pentacles

In each of the four suits of the tarot's minor arcana, the number ten holds a very important position when it comes to meaning. Like the number nine before it, ten represents perfection and completion, but in an entirely different way. Instead of physical or tangible completion, we're dealing with transcendent, regenerative completion of the type that serves as a bridge between one state of being and the next. The Ten of Pentacles addresses these ideals as they apply to the earthly plain and all manner of worldly achievements, especially material wealth and financial security.

When we look at the Ten of Pentacles, we're looking at the dilemma of what comes next once wealth of the kind we all dream of has finally been achieved. One must do something with a lifetime of riches and no one can take it with them. It is now time to take all that we've achieved and all that we've learned along the way and make something great out of it. This is not the time to try to take things to the next level by applying our assets toward the earning of more, not is it the type of situation where holding on tightly to what you have is advisable. (In fact, holding on tight to anything and stagnating as a result is never the answer.)

Instead, the solution is to make room in your life to enjoy some of what you've earned and then pass on the rest to the next generation or to others at large so that your descendents and loved ones can be all the richer for your magnificent achievements as well. Sharing one's wealth with others and passing it on increases its value in ways that are hard to understand at first glance and even harder to put limits on. It is also important to note that wealth is not always material in nature. Wisdom and lessons learned through experience are every bit as valuable, if not more so.

The traditional image attached to the Ten of Pentacles illustrates these concepts perfectly. In it, we see a happy, prosperous couple positioned beneath the gateway to an expansive and beautiful property, the tangible result of a lifetime of hard work and industry. With them is a child, a reminder that the next generation will benefit from the indicated achievements and toil just as thoroughly as his parents themselves will. Two dogs round out the scene and complete a perfect picture of family life, peace, prosperity, and security. This is the exact situation we all dream of, the reason we worked so hard and aimed so high in the first place.

When the Ten of Pentacles makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it indicates that the pinnacle of prosperity has been reached when it comes to the querent's current endeavors. While this could certainly mean the prosperity of a business and career or the achievement of financial independence at long last, it could also indicate the reaching of an important and monumental intellectual or spiritual goal. The card's exact position and the meanings of the surroundings cards will lend more information as to the specifics. It can also signify something specific and significant in regards to finances, money, career, or security. Some examples include a family inheritance or windfall that the querent will be able to live off of, or perhaps a valuable object or heirloom that can be passed down through the generations to come.