The Three of Cups Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Planned Pregnancy, Birth, Support, Harmony, Celebration, Abundance, Exuberance

CARD DEFINITION: You hidden talents will be discovered. You may be lucky in love. You are a hospitable and sensitive person. This signifies blooming of a new relationship. This is the time for celebration and family outings. You intuition will become clearer.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may have become self indulgent and obnoxious. Relationship may be loveless. Life may just not seem worth living for. Unknown talents may remain hidden. You may let yourself be wasted and unappreciated.

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Interpreting The Three of Cups

As the third card in the suit of Cups, the Three of Cups seeks to perpetuate the already established themes of promise, love and connection with others attached to the suit at large. However, as is always the case with individual cards, it does so by presenting the next page in the overall story. Much like the Two of Cups, the Three represents the union of forces or individuals in loving harmony, but instead of only two coming together, we are now looking at a multitude of different ones joining forces in favor of a common cause.

The theme of togetherness and teamwork suggested by the Three of Cups is one that is indicative of the power of groups and communities in general. When times are good and prosperous, they always seem even more so when we have good friends, colleagues and family with which to share our successes. When times are less than stellar, the support of loved ones always makes the burden a little easier to bear. However, the power of group strength can involve very different individuals and organizations coming together as well, as many sets of hands working as one can always accomplish more in a lesser amount of time than one can alone. It is also important to note that strength and advantage is to be found not only in commonalities, but also in differences. The Three of Cups seeks to remind us what a powerful commodity we have in the way our own uniqueness combines with that of others to accomplish truly amazing feats.

The traditional tarot image attached to the Three of Cups perfectly illustrates and marries all of these major elements. The focal point of the image is a group of three robed maidens, each one in possession of her own golden drinking vessel raised high in celebration. They are captured at their happiest and most cheerful, in full celebration of some shared success or triumph. However, each maiden is clothed in a different color, symbolizing the way each has brought something of her own to the table in order to help achieve that success. The image as a whole is a positive one that reminds us of all the wonders that can come about when we remember we are all part of the same universal family and work together as one.

When the Three of Cups appears in a tarot spread, it can represent a literal occasion worthy of celebration. This could either be a major milestone event - such as a wedding or the birth of a child - or simply an occasion, holiday or festival that calls for joy and togetherness. It can also signal a need for rest and time off after a period of stress or hard work in the querent's life. Whichever it is, a period of joy and time spent around loved ones is now due and deserved.

Depending on where and how it appears in the spread, the Three of Cups can also have a broader, less literal meaning. While it does indicate merriment and rejoicing, it also represents the purest and most loving brand of human connection. If the querent has this in his life, it is a reminder to appreciate it, rejoice in it, and be thankful for it. If he feels he doesn't, then the appearance of the Three may be seen as a suggestion that perhaps he is wrong in that sentiment and already has what he is looking for. Each of us has our blessings to be thankful for, after all. However, sometimes we need assistance in seeing them for what they are.