The Three of Pentacles Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Adaptability, Change, Balance, Versatility, Flexibility, Fun, Finance Juggling

CARD DEFINITION: This represents the initial completion of a project. To become a success the project may need the support and cooperation of a lot of people. You need a lot of skillful planning to be done for all future ventures. Skillful work is always sees success and is appreciated.

REVERSE DEFINITION: Skillful work is neglected at the cost of cutting costs. Quality of work may be low. Ambitions may be common place. You may not be sure of the path you have chosen. You may be suffering from low confidence and enthusiasm. The results are disappointing.

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Interpreting The Three of Pentacles

When it comes to the minor arcana of the tarot, the threes of each suit are concerned with carrying on the sequence already perpetuated by one and two. One offered the initial creative spark, two introduced us to the dualities and balancing acts that permeate all of life, and now three comes about to create a triangle, taking what was presented by two and bringing it to the next level. The Three of Pentacles is very much a card that is about industry and its fruits. The practical balancing act that was spoken of by the Two of Pentacles has been successful and now we are seeing the first results being born into the world.

Work is a part of every life. It is up to all of us to find a way to earn a living and to contribute back to society at large. All of us dream of being able to do this in a way that at the same time allows us to put a piece of ourselves into what we do and express ourselves. The Three of Pentacles very much embodies the spirit of this and it represents the moment at which hard work finally pays off and rewards the worker with so much more than a job. He now has a career he can be proud of and that can continue to thrive and add to the world in the future.

When we take a look at the image associated with the Three of Pentacles, we see these ideals brought to colorful life. Here the industrious worker is represented by a sculptor at work in his studio, surrounded by the fruits of his labor. Although one doesn't need to be in the fine arts to express himself through his work, the personage of the sculptor reminds us all that we should always look for ways to put a little bit of ourselves into our work, no matter what field we may be in. This is, in fact, the key to success and the sculptor in the image has found it. He is now the owner of a booming business he is passionate about and can take that business to the next level at long last.

When the Three of Pentacles makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it is appearing as a reminder to the querent that if he's lost hope of finding work he can truly get into and love, then he should find a way to grab hold of that hope once again. At the very least, it is a sign that he should find more ways to have fun in his work. Remember the lesson taught by the Two in the card before. Balance is imperative for true happiness and fulfillment. All things - even one's job - should ideally be about maintaining a balance between enjoyment and industry.

Should the querent be in a position where he has already been working hard at establishing this balance in his own life, the Three of Pentacles appears as a sign that the effort and hard work that has been invested is about to start paying off. Early success has either been achieved or will be soon. Now it is up to the querent to make the most of it and build on it. The Suit of Pentacles is all about practical matters and convention. This is the time to do everything by the book, so don't forget the importance of matters like proper scheduling, tried and true procedure, and integrity in all that you do.