The Two of Cups Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Relationship, Communion, Partnership, Romance, Solving Differences, Attraction, Agreement

CARD DEFINITION: This may be the beginning of a harmonious and cooperative relationship. New relationship, either love or friendship may be in the budding stage. Now is the time to reach an agreement and call it a truce. You may be attracted to someone who is very much unlike you. Be clear about what you expect from a relationship before entering into one.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may be into an empty relationship. There may be misunderstanding and no confidence in the relationship. Separation is possible. Love may turn violent. There may be unfaithfulness and deceit.

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Interpreting The Two of Cups

As the second card of the tarot deck's suit of Cups, the Two of Cups continues the associations with love and spiritual connection that we saw expressed by the Ace of Cups. However, while the Ace merely spoke of the potential and promise of such things, the Two is suggestive of an actual union between two entities and the state of being that comes along with union itself.

The union represented by the Two of Cups can be likened to the union between two soul mates - two halves of the same whole. However, it doesn't necessarily have to mean a union between two beings. It can also represent a coming together of two organizations, two ideas, or even two different parts of the same person. It is a card that speaks of the beauty of destined harmony in all its many forms. This is a type of connection that is very special and very powerful - the connection between two bright entities that possess the potential to become even brighter together.

The traditional tarot image attached to the Two of Cups traditionally depicts a young male and a young female in the foreground, each holding a cup in hand. They are in the act of making a pledge to one another, thus unleashing the possibilities of their future as a unified twosome. Above their cups we often see the caduceus of Hermes. Although many tarot readers have their own interpretation as to what this may mean, quite a few see it as a symbol of the wisdom and healing that will likely come about as an outcome of the union depicted. The image as a whole is one of promise, optimism, and potential - not only when it comes to romantic relationships, but business partnerships, friendships, and other mergers as well.

In its implications and meaning, the Two of Cups shares many similarities with the Lovers card of the Major Arcana when it comes to its appearance in a tarot spread. It no doubt foretells an ideal union fraught with potential. However, it is important to note that with the power difference between the two arcana, the union the Two speaks of is not necessarily as strong or as complete as that spoken of by the Lovers. It signifies a less stable union that leaves more room for variables to influence it and could possibly refer to a newer relationship or one that is not quite as strongly established yet. Nevertheless, much of the outcome will be ultimately decided by the querent's own stability and navigation of the circumstances. He has a chance to achieve great things through this union, but it will ultimately become what he makes of it.

When not linked to a relationship between two separate entities, the appearance of the Two of Cups often is seen as a signal that greater integration between aspects of the self is called for. It is only once we become whole within our own psyches and learn to love and accept ourselves for the wonderful beings that we are that we can thoroughly and properly offer love to others and to the rest of the world.