The World Card Definitions


KEYWORDS: Expansion, Outcomes, Reward, Awareness, Perfection, Accomplishment, Integration

CARD DEFINITION: Trust people who mean well. Look at both sides of the situation before making a decision. Do not get bogged down by other's views. Success is seen in the near future. Your hard work will be rewarded. You will feel fulfilled, satisfied and experience a sense of completion.

REVERSE DEFINITION: You may feel dissatisfied with life. A feeling of disappointment depresses you. There is a lack of achievement that troubles you. Things may be delayed just when they are about to be completed. Try to overcome frustration and lead a normal life.

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Interpreting The World

The World is the twenty-second and final card in the sequence of the tarot's Major Arcana. As might be expected with the final card in such a significant sequence, the World does indeed stand for the culmination of a long and important journey and the completion of a vital cycle. It is the last step that stands in between the traveler and all he has worked so hard to achieve. Whatever the original goal was, the World is the point at which the universe opens up and presents it to you.

However, the exact nature of the concept behind the World card can be difficult to put a finger on. On one hand, it is a card that is all about unification and the coming together of fragments at long last. It is about the joining of the unconscious with the conscious, as well as the body and the mind. Through the learning of lessons and the achievement of wisdom, these dichotomies can be fused together at long last and elevated to the next level - immortality. The World can also signify a time of rest - a way station between life and death, either literally or figuratively - because no ending is truly an ending. It is always simultaneously the beginning of the next journey or adventure yet to come.

In the traditional tarot image, we see a female figure at the central focal point. She almost appears to be dancing and is situated within a wreath of laurel leaves, said by many to represent the metaphorical birth canal between this existence and the next, as well as the state of completion itself. The stance of the figure is reminiscent of the one we see in the figure of the Hanged Man, although in this instance, the figure is right side up instead of suspended upside down. This suggests that the state of being represented by the World card is the exact opposite of that represented by the Hanged Man card. Instead of looking within, the figure in the World card is looking without, ready to face the land of infinite possibilities that lies before her. In the corners of the image are the likenesses of a lion, a cherub, a bull, and an eagle - indicative of the four elements and the four points of the compass. This suggests that from the figure's current position, she has easy access to (and mastery over) all of them.

That said, it shouldn't be surprising that when the World card makes an appearance in a tarot spread, it can definitely signify the approach of a successful conclusion to a long-term project or journey that has been in the works for a while. The nature of this card also suggests that the achievement of this completion will come along with all the accolades, recognition, and trimmings that we all hope will come along with the success of something close to our hearts. This is not a card that points to small successes or minor achievements either. This is something monumental and life-changing that the querent has been striving for and working toward over a long period of time.

What's more, the World card also suggests that whatever the culmination in question is, it will turn out to be the gateway toward a whole new set of opportunities. Depending on what it is, it could lead to travel, a new career, or a cushy position as a respected expert in a field related to it. It could also lead to a much welcomed change in the direction of the querent's life overall as well. The surrounding cards and the exact positioning of the World in the spread at large will lend more information as to the specifics of the situation.